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Our names are Zachary Altman and Ben Ingram. We are two teenage boys who have a passion for technology and reviewing new products. We post a review in one of our many categories every Monday. We also post in our members-only section our take on tech when something of our interest comes up. Please join our mailing list for updates on every Review.

Taken with the DJI Phantom 4

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As we have previously mentioned we are teenagers, but how did we get into technology, We both see technology as a big part of our lives growing up in the 21st century (The age of Technology) 

so we both took a fancy to it. So now about this website, how did this happen?

We were chilling watching some YouTube some reviewing in fact and we both thought that we could do a better job so Trustworthy Reviews was born.

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Now you have checked out why and how this website came about and you know about us, why don't you co and check out our reviews. we try to upload blog posts every few days but being at school there are so many other things, but we do try.

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