January 21, 2019

In September 2016 apple released the Airpods and these TOOK OFF everyone I saw had these other than me and some like-minded people who believe Android is superior which is a debate I am not going to start now. I had been on the market for some 'truly wireless' headphones. This is when I found the ENACFIRE E18's what appealed to me was the amazon reviews, the price and tag #1 Best Seller on amazon. However, will it receive a di...

July 23, 2018


Beats are one of the top leading headphone brands with millions and millions of customers around the world, and because of the star backer Dr Dre beats have become the headphones for celebrities and stars however this could all be down to sponsorships or do the stars use them because of the great quality. Let’s find out. 


The beats v1 come in at £180 which is high for headphones in comparison to other headphone brands...

February 20, 2018

Lenovo have recently entered the smartphone market with after buying and joining with Motorola, they have released a lot of phones that are for the budget buyer in mind, on amazon the pulse 2s come in a bundle with the Motorola G4 (review coming soon). Are the headphones a great bargain or waste of money.


From amazon you can pick up the pulse 2's for £11.69 which for a brand with a big reputation is a good price. After a...

February 12, 2018

I wanted a decent but cheap pair of headphones that I could use for listening to music and also for a bit of gaming use until I get a proper gaming headset, so how good are the BN15s?

Let’s start with the price, the BN15s currently retail for £18.99 on Amazon (with 1 day Prime delivery). For this price they are obviously not going to compare to something high-end like a pair of Bose headphones, but they are obviously going to b...

January 8, 2018


When looking for a Gaming headset for my upcoming blue and white setup build, I wanted to find a blue and white headset that didn't break the bank, but quite frankly I didn't have many options, after a long and hard search of google amazon and other online shops it was clear there were two ways to get a headset that met my requirements, it was either buying a cheap headset from a Chinese warehouse such as banggood gearbes...

November 6, 2017

Big thanks to Bohmain Europa for sending us a second product to review; the Usmain Egg-size Bluetooth Speaker, but is it any good or just a tiny, pathetic speaker?

Lets start with the price, the speaker currently retails through Bohmain Europa, on amazon for £21.99, since there aren't many speakers like this it is very difficult to tell if this is a good price, but decent quality, ordinary sized Bluetooth speakers only cost a l...

October 10, 2017

The Hyper X cloud II costs £75, you can get gaming headsets for £40 so what do you get for the extra money? the Hyper X cloud II claim to have surround sound and noise cancellation to do they live up to the hype or is a classic story of a brand using their name to get money of gamers.

The build quality of the headset is great, The aux cable is braided showing the quality of the headset that they spent a good amount of mone...

September 18, 2017


Before I start I want to thank Sevenoaks computers as they supplied these two speakers but more on them at the end.

Speakers are reviews that always do well with our Anker sound core and juice sound bar in our top ten viewed reviews, so when Sevenoaks computers lent us two speakers to compare I was over the moon. We were given the urban factory mini speaker and the v7 sp5100 to compare, the urban factory costs £26...

July 3, 2017

You might be noticing a trend here, I have reviewed many headphones and speakers in the life of trustworthy reviews audio is a big part of my life and many of you so when I see some audio products in a shop only one thing crosses my mind, buy. Also all of these headphones and speakers have been bluetooth, I HATE WIRES my gaming mouse is wireless and so is my phone charging. so you wouldnt be able to guess what I am reviewing t...

June 3, 2017

As you may have noticed there has been a new update, we are running a series called budget reviews where we will review cheap products and comparisons between expensive products and there cheap counter parts. but now for today review. The Silvercrest LED Bluetooth Speaker.

You probably have never herd of Silvercrest and you might think they are a small party retailer but they are in fact Lidl's technology department, for people...

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