May 13, 2019

Before we start this review, I want to thank Easythreed for sending us this printer, they did not give us this printer in exchange for a positive review, all opinions are mine. you can buy this 3D printer from here.

The Easythreed NANO is the 'starter' 3D printer from Easythreed. It has a low price of £150. The question I want to answer is: Is this too low for a 3D printer?


As I mentioned the Easythreed NANO costs £150 this...

April 13, 2019

Garmin is a very well-established brand that specialise in sports wear equipment, the vivosmart 3 is one of the cheaper products on there line, so the real question here is should you get the vivosmart 3 or should you fork out a little more money for a ‘better’ watch.


The Garmin vivosmart 3 costs £99.99, this is towards the bottom of Garmin’s pricing with some devices coming in at £79 and the more expensive watches are any...

April 12, 2018


In recent years the introduction of smart TVs and catch up has become the preferred way to watch Tv, with many people opting for catch up or streaming where you can watch what you want when you want. However, if you don’t want to go out and buy a new smart TV what are the options? you could just stream from your laptop but this is not the same as watching the TV, your other option if you want to go smart is to pick up one...

January 1, 2018

Lets start with the price, the Usmain currently retails on amazon for £13.99, which is quite reasonable for a wifi adaptor, but there are cheaper options.

The Usmain works very well once you've set it up (it quadrupled my wifi speed). I think it would be really useful for people who build their own PCs, as it is cheaper than a decent network card and faster. But it is very difficult to install, and the instructions are a bit va...

November 13, 2017

Gone, are the days of painful 480p cameras and low-quality monitors, everything is now 4k from smartphone cameras, action cameras monitors and TVs. In this review, I will focus on the later of that list and compare two low-end 4k TV's the Samsung ue40ju6000k which comes in at £620 and the Sony Bravia KD-43X8305C which will cost you £649.99.

Sony Bravia

The Bravia is running android tv which comes with a Tv version...

September 18, 2017

I was wondering if I could get a decent action camera for £20, so I found the Vemont action camera, so is it any good or just cheap rubbish.

well, the camera is absolutely fine except for one thing, its not 1080p, the quality just isn't 1080p, to be honest I think its more like 480p. Another annoying thing is that it only supports SD cards that are 8GB or more, but these days most hold 8 or more so that's not too much of an iss...

August 21, 2017

So this is the Mini Maglite Pro which I bought from Amazon in preparation for a camping trip I am going on this week.

Let’s start with the price: from amazon it costs £21.06, which does seem like a lot for a torch, but you do get high and low power settings and 226 lumens! (Lumens are a measure of how bright the torch light is)

The torch performs amazingly well, for example my garden is about 20 metres long and the torch complet...

August 14, 2017

TP Link have entered the smart home industry with the cheapest smart home kit set up I could find. These are currently only available for Amazon Echo and Dot, so Google home users out there, you will have to settle for more expensive kit for now. The smart plug is £24.49, the dimmable bulb is £29.99, the tunable bulb is £34.99 and the colour changing bulb is £39.99 at the time of the writing. I personally have the plug which i...

June 19, 2017

Lego Mindstorm is one of the most expensive Lego models and considering lego is one of the most expensive toys how does it fair, The mindstorms is a programmable lego model which is easy to use and you can program on a computer program or on a mobile app, There have been two versions of Lego mindstorms before version 1 just called mindstorms, version 2 called NXT and This version Ev3. The idea is that you build models and make...

April 19, 2017

Sorry for the lack of reviews we have taken a week off for Easter but we are back into it again.

In my review of my amazon echo dot (https://trustworthyreviews9.wixsite.com/trustworthyreviews/single-post/2017/04/08/Amazon-Echo-Dot)

I gave a small over view of the Broardlink RM Pro 2 so I thought I would go into detail on my thoughts of this device.

It is a very smart piece of kit which when you set a button on your phone and...

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